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We at Designs By CC perform appraisals for insurance, and estate as well consultation.

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Cleaning and Inspection

Stop in and have your jewelry cleaned and inspected.

We But Gold

We at Desgns By CC buy gold.


Anything purchased at Designs By CC comes with a free appraisal, no matter when you brought it. We also provide insurance and estate appraisal services.   We offer consultation services at no charge.  So if your insurance requests an appraisal, we can do that for you as well as updates on previous appraisals.


Did you know that you should have your jewelry cleaned and inspected at least every 6 months.  Especially rings and bracelets that you wear every day.  By stopping in and having our experts check your jewelry , you avoid loosing those precious stones.  Also, it keeps it nice and sparkly, when you clean it regularly. We can do this while you wait.


If you have any broken or unwanted jewelry items, why not turn them into something new and wonderful.  Or if you prefer we can turn them into cash.  We buy gold, silver, platinum, as well as diamonds.

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